Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Shot Me...

Something I threw together while I spend the next couple hours cleaning up dust and scratches on 40 different photos.

I'm glad I don't have anywhere to go right now. It's 7 degrees in Edinboro and the wind is blowing twenty-eight miles per hour. That makes for a pretty wicked wind chill factor.

I am working on getting these compilations of 8 photos for each of my 4 sitters and one compilation of myself. This assignment is for a project based on early 19th century and Victorian photography. I took my inspiration from Carte de visites, which were 8 portraits developed on one "whole" plate. They printed them on small "trade cards" that were used quite frequently to introduce oneself, similar to a business card for socialites and the like. (You may be able to tell I've been trying to work on my presentation for the critique Wednesday)

Like most school assignments, which are treated more like brief exercises, my results have varying success. There is just never enough time to fully develop your ideas or address problems that arise while shooting or during post-production. That is the nature of schooling I suppose. Spend a few years half completing dozens of projects.