Saturday, October 25, 2008

Take Photos/Get Famous!

Chris Couse of Omaha is for Bloggers and editor-in-chief/creater/designer/etc. of Slumber Party Mag is holding an open call for photos to appear in the forth-coming issue of SPM.

From Omaha is for Bloggers: “A new issue of Slumber Party Mag is about to be released. The issue is entitled ‘Breakfast Semantics (or The Best Part of Waking Up…)’. This issue marks the 1st issue of volume 2 that I have put out, so to celebrate it’s release I am having an open call; all you need to do is

1) make your favorite breakfast
2) take a photo of you (or of you & a friend) enjoying said breakfast
3) submit it to SPM [at]

The due date is Nov 1st. All submissions will be seen in the issue that is to be released! So have fun w/ it!!”